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If you want a quick and effective way to make your smile look stunning, then teeth whitening is for you. Gaston and Murrell Family Dentistry provides professional teeth whitening services at its state-of-the-art clinic in Nashville, Tennessee. For the brighter, whiter smile you’ve been dreaming of, schedule a visit with Nathan Murrell, DMD, today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why has my smile lost its whiteness?

There are many reasons why your smile might not be as white as you’d like it. In most cases, it’s a combination of poor oral hygiene and consuming too many stain-causing substances.

When you don’t brush and floss your teeth often enough, stain-causing pigments are left to sit on your teeth. The longer these pigments are in contact with your teeth, the deeper they can go, causing stains difficult to eliminate.

Some of the most common substances that can stain your teeth include:

  • Darkly pigmented beverages, like coffee, tea, and red wine
  • Foods with dark pigments, like tomato-based sauces and berries
  • Acidic beverages like soda and sports drinks
  • Tobacco products, like chewing tobacco and cigarettes

Certain medications can also stain your teeth. Some antibiotics, for example, can cause permanent staining if you’re exposed to them before the age of eight. 

Lastly, your teeth also change color as you age. Over time, the hard outer layer of your teeth (enamel) wears thin, exposing the color of your inner tooth material (dentin). 

Your dentin, meanwhile, turns yellow as you get older. The combination of thinning enamel and yellow dentin can create a discolored smile.

How do you whiten my teeth?

Gaston and Murrell Family Dentistry provides the highest quality teeth whitening products, like Opalescence™, KöR®, and Rembrandt Sapphire™. When you get one of these take-home whitening kits, your dentist creates custom whitening trays built from an impression of your teeth.

All you have to do to get a brighter smile is fill your whitening trays with a special bleaching solution that your dentist provides and then wear the trays on your teeth for a prescribed amount of time. You should notice results within a matter of weeks.

Your whitening trays fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth. Unlike store-bought or over-the-counter whitening kits, which contain generic strips or trays that let the whitening gel leak throughout your mouth, these professional whitening kits ensure that your teeth get whitened without doing any damage to your oral health.

Is teeth whitening safe?

When done under the supervision of a professional, teeth whitening is an incredibly safe and effective means of improving the appearance of your smile. 

Some people notice a slight increase in sensitivity in their teeth during or after their treatment, but this can typically be remedied by using a toothpaste that’s designed to decrease tooth sensitivity.

Get started on your bright, white, and beautiful smile today and schedule your teeth whitening appointment with Gaston and Murrell Family Dentistry by calling the office or booking online.